Summertime Car Shows Near Corvallis, OR — we love car shows, and here are some of the top auto shows going on in the region.  If there aren’t a lot happening in Corvallis, look for car shows in Oregon, Northern California, and Washington.

People are still talking about the New York Auto Show, and for good reason, there were some incredible things there this year. It’s an exciting time to be a car enthusiast; there’s a lot to look forward to in the future. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything quite like the NYIAS here in Oregon, but at least thanks to the world wide web, we can keep up with such events as they happen. There’s still plenty of fun to be had. We’ve picked out several interesting events that are relatively close if you’re interested in some Summer fun.


Tillamook County Fair Pig ‘n’ Ford and Demolition Derby

The Pig ‘n’ Ford is a unique event that has been a tradition for generations. Where else can you see people race vintage Fords, while being required to hold onto a pig as they do it? And of course, the demolition derby is just what it sounds like, and it never fails to make the crowd roar. There’s plenty more to enjoy at the fair while you’re here, too.



If you’ve got a hot rod, rat rod, or other custom vehicle to show off, the Rust-O-Rama is closeby in Salem, and has consistently delivered a great time since it began. Spectators are of course welcome, too, there’s plenty to see. With a charity raffle, kid’s corner, and swap meet, you’ll find plenty to do.


Dust ‘em Off Car Show

This fun show is right here in Corvallis, every April. If you’ve got a suitable old car to enter, you can compete in many interesting show categories, including “Rustiest and Still Rollin’”, “Shiniest and Brightest”, “Most Likely To Get A Ticket”, and much more. And of course, as a spectator it’s a great time to watch these competitions, too.


Halloween In July

As described, this car rally is for “horror fans and car lovers.” Get dressed up and have some fun in Portland. Not only will there be great music, costumes, and cars, but proceeds will benefit the Red Cross. With only a $5 cover to get in, this is a great time for a great bargain.


Summer Cruise-In At PIR

PIR is open for Cruise-ins, every Wednesday from June through September (check their website for start and end exact dates). PIR has been known for providing a great time to visitors for many years now, and Wednesdays during the Summer are no exception. Enjoy barbeques and exotic cars all Summer long. Unlike the rest of the events we’ve listed here, you don’t need to look out for a specific weekend to enjoy this one, it’s a little more flexible!


At London’s Automotive, we can’t help but love showing off the automobiles we drive and those we repair. We pride ourselves on working meticulously to make sure that your automotive repairs are done correctly, the first time, every time. If you want to show off your vehicle as a car show participant or spectator, our team of ASE-Certified auto technicians will be happy to service and repair your vehicle. Give us a call or schedule an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!