Viscosity Explained

Chances are that you already know an oil change is one of the most important steps to keep your car running in optimal condition. However, it’s also critical to choose the right type of oil. There are many to choose from, but only one that is right for your exact vehicle. Why is that? Read on to learn more about how different oil viscosity affects the function of your vehicle’s engine.

Understanding Oil Viscosity

The term viscosity refers to the thickness of the oil and how quickly or slowly it flows as a result of this consistency. When you choose motor oil for your vehicle, the viscosity will be designated as two numbers, the first ending in W for winter. The lower the number, the more easily the oil will flow. The first number indicates how the oil performs at 0 degrees Fahrenheit and the second number notes performance at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Selecting Motor Oil

Choosing the right grade of oil for your car is essential for the health of your engine. Grades range from 0 to 60, although the most common formulas for standard vehicles range from 0 to 30. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine the recommended oil weight and grade. Some cars require special types of oil, such as high-mileage blends for older vehicles and synthetics for luxury models.

Often, the manufacturer will provide several options depending on the climate where you typically drive. For example, lower ratings are most appropriate for cold climates while higher ratings might be required for warmer climates. When shopping for motor oil, look for a brand with a starburst seal from the American Petroleum Institute, which indicates that the oil has been tested for engine function.

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