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When asked the question “How do I prepare my car for winter” People often think of changing their coolant (antifreeze). This may be part of winterization, but many of today’s vehicles use “long life coolant” that only requires replacement every 5 years or so. While it is something that needs to be checked concerning mixture, which equals degree of temperature protection, as well as condition, it is only part of winter preparation. So ”what does it mean to winterize your car”?

Cold winter temperatures can be hard on a vehicle and it’s systems as well as potentially its occupants, so I have put together a list of what we feel “winterization” should include for your vehicle. Just like changing your batteries in your smoke detector when we set the clocks forward or back, this is also a good time to perform regular vehicle maintenance. The main thing we want to accomplish is preventing a failure or breakdown that will leave you out in the cold. So let’s get down to business.


One other thing that could make winter weather easier is a can of deicer kept at home in the case of frozen door locks.

While this may not cover everything you might encounter in winter driving, following guidelines such as these can greatly reduce the risk of unwanted break downs. Furthermore if you are well prepared it will be easier should you have any issues while on the road in adverse conditions.

Enjoy the winter wonderland and if you need help with your winterization or have concerns, please feel free to call or stop by London’s Automotive, Inc. and we would be glad to help. 541-753-4444