Things To Look For

Whether you’re inspecting the oil or having it changed, it’s important for you to understand when your vehicle is using quality oil and worn oil. Motor oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle’s engine after all, and if it’s not of the best quality, the engine and vehicle will suffer. London’s Automotive is here to help prevent that. The next time you are checking your vehicle’s motor oil, make sure you look for these positive signs of clean, healthy oil!

Proper Level

The first thing you want to look at when checking the oil is the oil level. Proper oil level is crucial for the engine, as a lack of oil could starve it and cause a lack of lubrication within it. Without proper lubrication, the engine may overheat, which is extremely bad for internal components.

To check the oil level, inspect the dipstick and look at the oil stain left behind. Is the stain at the top line or just below it? Then your vehicle has a proper oil level. Is the stain at the middle of the stick, at the low line, or even below it? If so, you need to add more oil to the engine or risk starving it. Make sure to add oil that is consistent with what you’re currently using and that you don’t add too much! We suggest pouring oil in small amounts and remeasuring until you get to the proper level.

Quality Fluid

After you’ve inspected the oil level, you want to check the quality of the motor oil next. Clean, quality motor oil will take on a clear, amber appearance. If you see this in your motor oil, you’re good to go. If you start to see that the oil looks dark and gritty, or if there’s metal flakes or shards in it, you’ll need to replace the oil! Please keep in mind that these negative signs aren’t a bad thing! It merely indicates that the oil has done its job and a quick change ensures it continues to do so!

Hopefully these tips make your oil inspection easier! And if you require an oil change service, make sure you schedule a visit with London’s Automotive in Corvallis, Oregon!