What Does My Oil Filter Actually Do?

Your vehicle’s engine oil is a critical automotive fluid used to lubricate the engine, keep it clean, and prevent it from overheating. However, if the oil gets dirty, it won’t be able to fulfill these important tasks.

The oil filter is a device that helps the oil to do its job. But do you know exactly how an oil filter works and why it is so important? The auto repair experts at London’s Automotive in Corvallis, Oregon are here to explain.

What’s an Oil Filter and How Does it Work?

A car’s oil filter is exactly what the name implies. It filters out the contaminants from your vehicle’s engine oil to help keep it clean.

The oil filter has an exterior metal can with a sealing gasket that keeps it held tightly to the engine’s mating surface. The gasket is perforated with holes, including a central one that is threaded to connect with the oil filter assembly located on the engine block. The actual filtering material is located within the metal can and is typically made from synthetic fiber. The engine oil pump directly moves the oil to the filter, where it enters from the punctured holes. The dirty oil is pushed through the filter material and re-enters the engine via the central hole.

Should I Change My Oil Filter?

Yes! You should absolutely get your oil filter changed. All oil filters have a limited capacity for debris and will stop functioning over time. Unfiltered and dirty oil can cause major damage to your engine components, resulting in overheating and other expensive problems.

Check your owner’s manual to find out the manufacturer’s recommended intervals for oil filter changes. You can also schedule an oil change at London’s Automotive in Corvallis, Oregon to see if your oil filter needs to be swapped out.

Expert Oil Changes in Corvallis

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