According to the Professionals

Whether you are replacing your vehicle’s timing belt as a preventative measure or have had an unexpected breakdown, you may be confused by what this part is and what it does. Perhaps you’re even wondering who can make this repair? Worry no more! The ASE Certified technicians at London’s Automotive in Corvallis, Oregon, know all about timing belts. We are locally owned and active in the community, so you can get to know us and trust us to make this and all your other automotive repairs.

Timing Belt? What’s That?

Just what is a timing belt. It’s not a clock, and it doesn’t hold up your pants. Actually, your auto’s timing belt synchronizes the actions of the camshaft (which operates the engine valves to let air and gas in and out) and the crankshaft (which moves the pistons up and down for compression). These parts work in relationship to one another in the combustion process. The timing belt keeps each part turning at a rate that allows them to work in unison. If this timing is off, you risk damage to your car. (Note: While modern cars operate using a rubber timing belt, some older cars have a timing chain for this purpose.)

Time for Replacement

Most mechanics agree that the best solution for timing belt wear is prevention. You should consult your owner’s manual for your manufacturer’s recommendation, but most vehicles need a new timing belt between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. You usually have no warning that this part is about to snap, causing a breakdown. There are, however, a few signs that could possibly indicate the belt is loose or geting weak. These include:

It’s important to note that one of these signs may indicate other issues, so you should have a certified technician check your car if you notice any of these. Regardless of the source, your auto likely needs a repair. If the problem is indeed the timing belt, replacing it as soon as you know that it is weak or losse will potentially prevent you from being stranded and/or damage that will lead to more costly repairs

Time to Visit London’s Automotive

If your ride has traveled a great number of miles or if you have any reason to suspect a timing belt issue, it’s time to bring the vehicle to London’s Automotive. You don’t want to take a chance on belt failure or engine damage, yet you need a repair shop you can trust. We can replace the old timing belt and have you back on the road with peace of mind in a “timely” manner.