So how much does it cost to get a brake job? This question just opens the door to more questions. Is it two wheel drive? Front wheel drive or four wheel drive? Do you need brake rotors? Will it require calipers? Can you get by with just brake pads? How much will that cost? Let’s take a look at the brake system and address the factors that will drive these decisions.

First question, front, two or four wheel drive? Why does it matter? The simple answer is each one of these drive configurations requires a different amount of time for labor. Front wheel drive is the least expensive as there are no wheel bearings to repack and no seals to replace. Rear wheel drive and four wheel drive may add wheel bearing repack and more time to the job. However many of the newer four wheel drives are configured like a front wheel drive. Clears it all up right? Not so much, huh? Ok, just realize that labor times will differ based on drive configuration.


Next question, Why do brake rotors need to be replaced? A picture is worth a thousand words right?