5 Common Clutch Related Failures

  I have been asked the question recently “what causes the clutch to slip” and also “what causes the clutch to burn out” These are just a few of the questions we receive concerning “clutch repair” and “clutch replacement” I have tried to answer 5 of the most common clutch issues. 1. Master or Slave

Top Safety Tips When School’s In Session

Top Safety Tips When School’s In Session — make sure your car is well maintained, make sure the brakes are working properly, don’t text and drive, etc. For the grade-school children, high school students, and their families around here, September means back to school week! Driving to drop off kids, especially the first few weeks,

Road Trip Ideas for Scuba Divers

At London’s Automotive our specialty is, of course, providing great automotive repair. However, the owner, Bob Thayer, and his wife, happen to be experts not just on the gears that run your car, but also scuba gear! The Thayers are to be avid scuba divers, and regularly embark on road trips along the coast to

Summertime Car Shows

Summertime Car Shows Near Corvallis, OR — we love car shows, and here are some of the top auto shows going on in the region.  If there aren’t a lot happening in Corvallis, look for car shows in Oregon, Northern California, and Washington. People are still talking about the New York Auto Show, and for

London’s Automotive Offering Free Car Awareness Events in June

This month, we have some great news for you! At London’s Automotive in Corvallis, we’ll be offering several trainings, workshops, and car care classes to those in our community to increase car safety and awareness. We’re really excited about our car safety awareness events, and you won’t want to miss out! Here’s a little bit