Don’t Lose Your Cool!

  It’s easier to keep your cool than you might think, OK at least when we’re talking about our car’s cooling system. Well, let’s start with the basics like “Why do you need to flush your radiator?” My answer might surprise you. You don’t. Are you a little surprised right now? Read on and I

Fall Safety Tips

Fall Safety Tips It’s October and London’s Automotive in Corvallis, OR, wants you to be safe on the roads in this weather-changing season. As the nights get longer, the days shorter and the temperatures drop, you may want to adjust your driving habits to avoid Autumn-related driving hazards, including:   Leaves – can wreak havoc

To Strut or Not to Strut

    A question that comes up occasionally is “What does a strut do for a car?” The really simple answer to that question is that it is part of the suspension, but it does not tell you a thing about what a “Macpherson strut” is or what it does. Most vehicles on the road

What is a serpentine belt and what does it do?

What is a Serpentine belt and what does it do, is a question that is often asked. So today I will endeavor to shed a little light on the subject. We all know that today’s vehicles have changed a lot in the past 20yrs. Engine drive belts are just one component that has evolved in

How important is it to service an automatic transmisson?

Do I need to service my Automatic transmission? First, a little bit about your automatic. Your vehicle’s transmission has a tough job. The main task is transferring power that is created by the engine to the wheels in order to drive the vehicle forward. This is done by transferring the power of the engine through